Vocollect A500

The Vocollect A500 device is one of the most technologically advanced mobile devices available that can withstand harsh warehouse environments. And it leverages the award-winning form factor of the Vocollect T5 series, making it a proven, robust solution.

Whether you're a current or new customer, the Vocollect A500 device's expanded capabilities enable you to use voice as the foundation for all of your workflows in the DC. In fact, the A500 model is the first Vocollect device that lets you wirelessly connect to Bluetooth®-enabled display devices. As a result, you can now voice-enable workflows that require your mobile workers to occasionally reference long lists or images that may be best viewed on a display.

The Vocollect A500 uses the same chargers, headsets and batteries as the Vocollect T5 series. And its VoiceCatalyst software lets you use existing Tasks. That eases side-by-side installations with prior Vocollect investments. It also enables new features, including SoundSense™, for enhanced speech recognition. The A500 device also supports VoiceClient software.

Find out more about what your business can accomplish with the Vocollect A500 voice device and Honeywell workflow solutions.

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