Vocollect A730

For your mobile workers that occasionally require a scanner for tasks such as order induction or serial and lot number capture, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more elegant and ergonomic solution than the Vocollect A730 device.

The Vocollect A730 voice supported device contains an integrated short-range scanner. It enables your workers to use both voice direction and scanning to fully optimize their workflow process. And the A730 device's ergonomic, wearable form factor eliminates the hassle of a luggable device. It's small and easy to unholster for occasional scanning. And your workers can even scan hands-free. With the A730 resting on the worker's belt, a simple voice command is all it takes to activate the scanner when a label is in front of the scan target.

We designed the A730 imager for consistent performance and ease of use in the most challenging environments. The imager's red scanning line and highly visible pointer facilitate successful scans in darkness or full sunlight. And its corner framers make image capture and multi-code reading intuitive and comfortable.

Find out more about what your business can accomplish with the Vocollect A730 and Honeywell workflow solutions.

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