Honeywell Scanning & Mobility’s compliance center provides customers and partners the ability to review and download any publicly available documentation pertaining to the certification of a product or accessory for a given country. 

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 Product Certifications



2020-5IEC acceptanceIEC 60950-1 - CB SafetyYesDownload-Cert
2020-5European CommunityEU CE DoCYesDownload-Cert
2020-5JapanJapan Telec - RadioYesDownload-Cert
2020-5South KoreaKorea - KCC / MSIPYesDownload-Cert
2020-5ChinaChina SRRC - RadioYesDownload-Cert
2020-5United StatesFCC - Part15 GrantYesDownload-Cert
2020-5Customs Union (RU, KZ, BY) (non-ISO)Customs Union (RU, KZ, BY)YesDownload-Cert
2020-5United StatesFCC sDoCYesDownload-Cert
2020-CBEuropean CommunityEU CE DoCYesDownload-Cert
2020-CBIEC acceptanceIEC 60950-1 - CB SafetyYesDownload-Cert
2020-CBCustoms Union (RU, KZ, BY) (non-ISO)Customs Union (RU, KZ, BY)YesDownload-Cert
2020-CBUnited StatesFCC sDoCYesDownload-Cert
3800gHD, 3800gPDFIEC acceptanceIEC 62471 - LEDYesDownload-Cert
3800gHD, 3800gPDFEuropean CommunityEU CE DoCYesDownload-Cert
3800gHD, 3800gPDFIEC acceptanceIEC 60950-1 - CB SafetyYesDownload-Cert
3800gHD, 3800gPDFSouth KoreaKorea - KCC / MSIPYes*Download-Cert
3800gHD, 3800gPDFUnited StatesFCC sDoCYesDownload-Cert
3800iSouth KoreaKorea - KCC / MSIPYesDownload-Cert
3800iIEC acceptanceIEC 60950-1 - CB SafetyYesDownload-Cert
3800iIEC acceptanceIEC 62471 - LEDYesDownload-Cert
3800iEuropean CommunityEU CE DoCYesDownload-Cert
3800iUnited StatesFCC sDoCYesDownload-Cert
3800rIEC acceptanceIEC 62471 - LEDYesDownload-Cert
3800rEuropean CommunityEU CE DoCYesDownload-Cert
3800rIEC acceptanceIEC 60950-1 - CB SafetyYes*Download-Cert
3800rUnited StatesFCC sDoCYesDownload-Cert
3820IEC acceptanceIEC 62471 - LEDYesDownload-Cert
3820IEC acceptanceIEC 60950-1 - CB SafetyYesDownload-Cert
3820CanadaIC - RadioYesDownload-Cert
3820European CommunityEU CE DoCYesDownload-Cert
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